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We use an industrial vacuum system with special brushes and attachments to clean your chimney. Our professional staff will tarp off the area in front of the fireplace in order to guarantee no messes are made in your home.

We clean the Firebox (where you light the fire), the Damper (which opens and closed to control the draw), the Smoke Shelf (where all the debris that enters the chimney collects) and the Smoke Chamber (the area above the damper that pyramids into the flue all the way to the top).

Once the fireplace is completely clean, our professional sweep will then go over your 21 Point Safety and Condition Report with you. The report will tell you if there are any conditions that you are not aware of. It is also good to have for insurance purposes and your own peace of mind.

Fireplace Inspection Includes:

  • Smoke Chamber and Shelf
  • Damper
  • The Firebox
  • Ash Container

Chimney Inspection Includes:

  • Chimney Cap
  • Spark Arrestor
  • Flue Liner
  • Flashing
  • Brickwork
  • Mortor
  • Crown

Wood Stove Inspection Includes:

  • Wood stove & Inserts
  • Stovepipe Condition
  • Flue Connection
  • All Clearances

Just 1/8 inch of Creosote can cause a chimney fire.
Unfortunately there is no such thing as creosote or soot-free wood burning. Tests conducted at Underwritten Laboratories (UL) have shown a dirty chimney with as little as 1/8 inch of creosote is highly flammable and can support a chimney fire.

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